Color Tips From Marketing Consultants

Marketing consultants can do many things to help a business. Their focus is primarily on increasing sales and improving your bottom line through promotion and advertising. But there are many ways to achieve this. One of the least common is by utilizing color in your physical facility, for your logo and on your promotional products.

Color is used to elicit a response in customers. The effect is subliminal to them, but you will notice the results in your bottom line.


According to marketing consultants, orange is the hue that enhances a person’s sense of humour and the ability to learn.

It also represents affordable value and can be utilized as an indicator of a product’s low price. If you have several different lines of a particular product which are based on price, then the cheapest ones should be packaged in orange.

Another association with orange is safety, making it a favorite color of blue collar workers. Think of the hue most commonly found on safety vests for construction workers and life vests in water vessels.

For any business concerned with education, low priced products or services, or safety, orange is a great shade to include on your promotional items.


Light, not bright, shades of pink are known for their soothing effect, according to most marketing consultants. People whose favorite color is pink are said to have a dependent personality and do best with structure in their lives.

Pink is also utilized as a way to stimulate a customer’s sweet tooth. Pastry shops should always be painted in rosy hues. The same could apply to a website that peddles sweets.

One way every business can use the color pink is in light bulbs. The reception area, the boardroom, the production facility – all can benefit from the soothing effect of soft pink light.


Many people will think of institutions when they imagine walls painted a light shade of green. That is no coincidence. Green is easy to perceive and promotes quiet, relaxation, compassion, comfort, and neutrality, or at least the soft tones of this color do. Earthier shades such as moss or sage are less acceptable while brighter shades like grass tend to signal renewal.

Then there is the color of money. When used in promotional materials, green signifies the quality and value of your brand. In today’s world, it can also denote that a company is eco-friendly. All of these are positive messages sent by the color green.

The next time you change your company’s logo, brand, or product packaging, consider how the color you choose makes a difference, at least according to marketing consultants. Every small change you make can make a large difference in your bottom line.