Developing Your Mobile Enterprise’s Brand

It is one thing to develop a mobile app but it is a whole other to develop the brand of a mobile enterprise. Both require careful planning, however there eventually comes a point when the two begin to differ. It is one thing to develop a mobile app but it is a whole other to [...]

How To Build and Manage A Winning Brand

The … issues are … to consider when building a brand, even if that brand is called YOU, Inc.1. Great Brands tie into our … is crucial that this link be present and … The following issues are important to consider when building a brand,Guest Posting even if that brand is called YOU, Inc. 1. [...]

Aligning Brands and Channels

People look like their dogs. I say this based on my non-scientific sample of fellow pet owners I have met while walking through Oz Park in Chicago with my own (handsome) dog, Kelsey. My informal assessment is supported by researchers at the University of California at San Diego. Dog owners, the researchers theorize, pick pooches [...]

I’m a Brand, You’re a Brand

This article discusses the importance of personal branding in a career. Danielle Dayries, CEO and Owner of DMD & Associates, a premier career search firm, discusses how to build rapport with potential employers through personal branding. In a modern career search world, where social media matters, Danielle explores how to get your name out there. [...]

The Importance of Brand Metrics and Company Brands

This article discusses the Importance of having a set of Brand Metrics. It also discusses how a good brand can do wonders for a company and how it can propel a company further. Brand name is an important strategy when it comes to product marketing. Well known brands are those that have lasted over the [...]

How to Build Increased Credibility As a Consultant

When a client goes all out to spend thousands or even millions of dollars to hire a consultant, they aren’t just doing so because they have so much money to spend or because they don’t have enough employees to assign extra tasks to; consultants are seen as seasoned experts with exceptional skills which are considered [...]

Why Use a Logistics Consultant?

If you’re looking to improve your supply chain, you may have considered using the services of a logistics consultant. You might be worried, though, about whether it will be worth the cost or bring any real benefits to your business. Here are some reasons to seriously consider using a consultant. Product Knowledge Working with a [...]

What’s the Difference Between Consulting and Consultative Selling?

How Do You Close a Consultative Sales Conversation? I asked that question the other day on under the category of small business development. I was looking for an exchange of ideas about sales skills. Unexpectedly, I heard from a number of consultants (not sales consultants) saying they would never “close” in a consultative conversation [...]

How to Know When You Need a Consultant

A consultant is someone who’s an expert, specialist, or has a wealth of experience and knowledge in their field of specialization. Consultants can be found everywhere and in every field imaginable. Consultants come from all types of backgrounds, such as education, social work, business (corporate, medium, and small) government, politics, law, technology, science, and so [...]